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There's a number of young, talented players who've been making big waves recently, and we figured we'd take some time and talk to a few of these individuals, allowing you to get to know who they are and how they see the scene as the vanguard of the next wave of professional players. First up will be the Captain of ru iCCup, one of the eight teams competing in the International Western Qualifiers, ua Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok.

Resolut1on took some time out of his bootcamping along with his team in Minsk to answer our questions below.

iCCup taking second place at TechLabs Cup Moscow, left to right:
ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Resolut1on, Mag~, wejustzik, Jackal.
Picture by TechLabs.

Hello Resolut1on, thank you for agreeing to be part of this interview! Would you like to tell our readers a bit about yourself? What do you like to do outside of Dota 2, and what does your average day look like?

Hello! My name is Roman and I currently live and study in Kiev. I started to play DotA 5 years ago. I've enjoyed the game from the very beginning and wanted to achieve something by playing it. I spend all of my spare time with my girlfriend. Usually, I study in the mornings, spend some time with friends and come home afterwards to grab something to eat and to start practicing.

From what I understand, you live close by to CyberArena. Did this play a part in you developing a passion for e-Sports and Dota 2, or did you fall in love with the game first and then found out about this LAN Café?

Obviously, I had developed an affection for DotA and only afterwards found out about CyberArena. Moreover, it wasn't built yet when I started to play DotA.

Has there been any players that you've met playing at CyberArena or online that have become mentors to you?

Of course there were a lot of people, who helped me to advance in any way possible and helped me to develop as a player. I can't name anyone in particular however, as they have all played an important role for me.

You first came to the attention of viewers outside of the CIS region when you played in Asus Final Battle last year along with alwayswannafly. How did you come to join up with alwayswannafly?

We met each other at CyberArena and at one point decided to gather a mix to compete at ASUS FBotY.

You are the most commonly held up example of young talent in the CIS region. Do you feel any pressure to prove that you've been worthy of all this attention?

I have never thought about it (smiles). I feel a pressure, because I may fail someone's expectations, but it mostly relates to my friends and relatives.

Many talented CIS players have failed to become as great as they should have, with the most famous example being PGG. Is this something that you think your generation is aware of? Are young CIS players learning from the mistakes of their elders?

I cannot speak on behalf of an entire generation, but I can say that I will do everything I can in order to fulfil my potential and my abilities. Time will show.

The CIS scene is opening up to the outside world, not just in terms of players and teams having huge English speaking fanbases, but also with teams mixing European and CIS players. Are young CIS players seeing learning English as something that is important for their future as Dota 2 players?

Obviously, I think that knowing English is important for everyone, while for a player who competes on a professional level it is a mandatory attribute.

Do you think we will see a day when there is no more distinction between CIS and European teams?

I think this day will come. The community is developing and one day it will be at a level decent enough for players to communicate freely with each other.

What do you think your next big step in growing as a player will be? What motivates you to try and take that step?

For me this step would mean winning a significant tournament outside of CIS or a trip to China with a purpose of playing with Chinese teams. I strive for the better in general and don't tend to stop at what I have achieved so far. That is what motivates me.

Is there anything you would like to say, either to your western fans or to young CIS players who are considering gettinginto competitive Dota 2?

Don't play Dota (smiles). Playing it takes away too much of your time and sometimes you have to sacrifice something in order to play, therefore you really need to think whether you truly want it or not.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for us Resolut1on. Any shoutouts or last words?

Thank you! Shoutout to my friends and our fans - your support is very important for us. I would like to thank our organization iCCup and our manager MainKoon.