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Position 6 X Side Pull – Podcast Crossover Part 2 | Position 6 Highlights

posted by NanaKrustofski,
What happens if a Dota podcaster meets one of his competitors? They join forces and create a mega podcast! Dan Offen met Austin 'TheCapitalist' Walsh and Joey "Leafeator" Thimian, hosts of Side Pull to talk about the the problems the coronavirus is causing for the Dota scene.

There have been several issues in the DPC due the safety measures against the coronavirus. The highly anticipated ESL One Los Angeles 2020 had to be postponed indefinitely. The three hosts used this circumstance to discuss the impact the current situation has for tournament organisers.

Capitalist counts is one the top casters and has much reputation for his in-depth knowledge about the game. He also occasionally participates in the competitive scene, for example with Vegetables Esports Club*.

Leafeator is currently working as content creator for Team Liquid and has been a well-known figure in the Dota community for a long time as well.

Their podcast revolves around anecdotes of tournaments or the latest events in the game and esports scene. They, too, feature guests to join their discussions.

Find the full episode here.

Check out the first half of the podcast on Side Pull's channel.

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Photo credit: Side Pull