27 September
14:00 CEST

How to get your daily dose of Dota 2 without watching DPC events

posted by NanaKrustofski,
No DPC events means no entertainment? Dota is more than just watching the competitive scene and there are still many options available to satisfy the crave for Dota content.

Support content creators

For fans who merely consume Dota content, the current situation is unpleasant. For those who actively work in the scene, it might even be threatening. Freelancers and smaller content creators highly depend on offline tournaments or its coverage.

It is now the perfect time to support independent creators and it does no matter if you don't have the financial means to do so. By simply watching, sharing, recommending, and messaging them, you can support them in a different way.

Listen to podcasts

If there is not Dota content to watch, you can always listen to some. There are several podcasts by casters, pro players, and the community available. While some episodes cover current events, other also provide more timless content that you can always tune in to.

Check out our overview of some of the most popular podcasts here.


While you might not be able to watch your favourite players perform live on stage, you can still watch them play on Twitch. Several pro players regularly stream on the platform and offer different types of entertainment.

For those who are still rather new in the community, you can always search the Dota category and discover streamers. Pro players like Maurice 'KheZu' Gutmann provide educational streams where they answer gameplay questions and explain their decisions and item builds while playing.

Wehsing 'SingSing' Yuen on the other hand focuses more on pure entertainment, other streamers might choose a different approach and stream without cam or mic.

Discover YouTube content

The field of Dota entertainment is even wider on YouTube than it is on Twitch or in podcasts. Whether it is gameplay advice, storytelling, lore information, memes – everything can be discovered. If you have not checked out the Dota part of YouTube, here are some recommendations.

Watch the WePlay! Charity Play

Tournament organiser WePlay! decided to fight the coronavirus joining forces with many well-known teams and host the WePlay! Charity Play from March 20-26. The charity marathon features 24 top teams from all around the globe who will enter the online tournament. All donations, money from sponsors, and the prize pool will be donated to a non-profit organisation in order to fight against corona.

You can find more information here.

Get a friend to start playing Dota

Since the current regulations require many people to stay indoors as much as possible, one of your friends who's never played Dota before might have more time on their hands. This means that now it is the perfect opportunity to get your friends to start with Dota, as they barely have excuses not to play the game.

Entering the world of Dota can be extremely bewildering for new players and starting the journey while being accompanied by an experienced player gives an easier access.

Set yourself goals for your own Dota games

You can also become more creative when playing pubs and use your additional freetime to improve. Challenges such as receiving a higher rank or learning new heroes are possible goals to set. Valve might potentially pre-release this year's Battle Pass since many parts of the community demand substitute content for the cancelled tournaments. Therefore, look out for their announcements and patches.

Even if Valve won't provide challenges, you don't have to spend your days with blunt solo queue laddering.

What Dota-related pastime can you recommend for the upcoming weeks?

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