Thanks to Weekend Sale: TI prize pool about to break last year's record

posted by SmittyW.,
Valve offered a weekend sale during EPICENTER Major, boosting the community's investments even further.
We've made it... almost! The prize pool for is less than $100,000 short of last year's - and there are still 45 days to go until the event starts. While last year's pool capped at $25.5 million, the current one boasts $25.4 and can be expected to overtake its predecessor today.


It is still possible for the community to outgrow the Fortnite World Cup prize pool which is at $30 million dollars. The hype we've witnessed at the Epicenter is just a sneak preview of what is going to happen in August, when the 18 best teams in the world are competing for Dota's greatest prize pool yet.

The Valve factor*

Valve offered a weekend sale for Battle Levels and Treasure Bundles over the weekend. As there was an exploit that allowed people to benefit from this weekend purchase twice, the prize pool boost was probably massively affected by that. Valve reacted to that exploit by giving people, who did not utilise it, the opportunity to buy the bundle twice.

Our editor CozmikMonkey wrote an editorial piece about Valve's Battle Pass politics.

*In the first draft of the article, we did not mention the weekend sale. We added it after this circumstance was brought to our attention.

Photo credit: EPICENTER/Valve