After dispute, Solo and Ceb agree to play showmatch at EPICENTER

posted by CozmikMonkey,
Both and OG are hoping to play an exhibition match at the EPICENTER Major as a sign of progress in the ongoing racism situation.
Aleksey 'Solo' Berezin has once again taken to Twitter to give fans an update on how talks between himself, Sebastien 'Ceb' Debs, and Valve are going.

In the post, Solo says that he and Ceb have been in close contact with each other and with Valve since the situation started, and also that it has been an "open and honest dialogue."

The three parties are working to find a sustainable solution and have agreed to sit down at The International 2019 with other players regarding bringing that solution into reality.

Ceb - Starladder

In the meantime—as a sign of good faith—both VP and OG are planning to play a friendly at the Major in Moscow so long as the logistics work out.

To show our fans that we’ve left this matter behind we’ve reached a principle agreement with OG that we’ll try our best to play a friendly show match at upcoming Epicenter. The final execution will be pending organizational matters, but I hope we’ll be able to do it.

Highlighting that the drama was now behind them, he went on to urge the fans at home to "show our guests some real Russian hospitality" once the tournament begins. The EPICENTER Major kicks off on June 22.

Will the fans show any animosity to Ceb and OG in Moscow?

Photo Credit - ESL