qojqva: "If we keep improving at this rate I think we can become very, very good"

posted by Brasozial,
Max 'qojqva' Broecker and his team Alliance have shown much improvement lately. In this interview, we talk with him about Alliance's way back to the top, what's changed, and how he estimates their chances to make it to TI.
joinDOTA: How are you preparing for the Minor?

qojqva: Personally I made sure to play a lot, both in pubs and also 1v1s against other skilled mid-laners. As a team we scrimmed a lot and strategised about the new patch.

joinDOTA: How do you estimate your chances at the Minor?

qojqva: I think we have good chances of doing very well. Everyone is feeling confident so it's gonna be a fun event!

joinDOTA: How do you like the changes that two teams from the Minor are going to the last Major?

qojqva: I think it's a good decision overall. If your team is in the zone and doing well you get rewarded right away.

joinDOTA: As a conclusion: How did you like this year's DPC and what would you improve?

qojqva: I think the winner (or maybe top 2) of the last major should definitely be invited to the next major. If there was a way to stretch out the tournaments just a little bit, with qualifiers not starting two days after travelling home from a major, I think that would be a good change too.

joinDOTA: Alliance weren't playing in important tournaments before this season and surprisingly proved their skill by the start of this season. What changed?

qojqva: I think we as a team just started clicking together more and more. We all tried hard and results followed right away with qualifying for two Majors.

joinDOTA: Do you think you can do even better next season?

qojqva: If we keep improving at this rate I think we can become very, very good, yes.

joinDOTA: Do you think you'll qualify for TI directly via the last round of Major and Minor tournaments?

qojqva: It would be cool to not have to play qualifiers but even if we don't do well in the Minor/Major, there's still a qualifier slot that I am certain we will win.

joinDOTA: What do you think about the competition in the TI qualifier, if you don't qualify directly. Do you see yourself as the favourite?

qojqva: I think we are the favourites, yes. It's still gonna be tough since the qualifier has good teams in it but I am confident we will do well

joinDOTA: What do you except from the first TI on Chinese soil?

qojqva: It's gonna be insane I think. I want nothing else right now than to compete and give my absolute best at that tournament.