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3 underappreciated heroes that deserve an Arcana

posted by CozmikMonkey,
The TI9 Arcana vote is starting to pick up steam in the community, but the same heroes are always proposed. Here are 3 underloved heroes that deserve a makeover.
The same heroes are always talked about every year for the Compendium Arcana. It's always Spectre or Void or Invoker or Queen of Pain and on and on.

Last year, fan ultra-favourite Rubick won because of course he did.

So as we get closer to TI9 and everyone gets that itch to vote for the exact same heroes, we thought it would be sporting to recognize some heroes that are consistently in meta and consistently important, but get no love from the community.

Dragon Knight

Good old red and gold. No one ever talks about Dragon Knight despite the fact that he's almost always viable in some situation or another. Maybe it's just because he is a knight, but no one ever seems to think he has any Arcana worth.

However, his potential lies in his ultimate: think of how incredible an Arcana could based on his different dragon forms, and with the new Aghanim's upgrade, his Black Dragon could look even better with an Arcana makeover.

Persona idea: A Tron-inspired cyber Dragon Knight.


Sure, the the time-manipulating bug comes and goes depending on the meta, but even when he isn't the most popular choice, he is rarely a bad choice. Also: he manipulates time? How is he not more popular for an Arcana?

As with Earthshaker's recent Planetfall, Weaver could so easily have a counter to show you damage you have lapsed, and how close you were to death. Plus, think of all of the armor-chewing cosmetic potential that could go along with The Swarm!

Persona idea: A steampunk robotic Weaver.

Witch Doctor

De Doctor is in! Or atleast he should be. He is such a versatile support that he's almost always viable, and yet no one cares about him just because he is skinny and small and purple.

So much could be done cosmetically apropos Paralyzing Cask jumps, or Death Ward bounces, or especially how it all works together with Maledict. Seriously, Witch Doctor could have one of the best Arcanas by virtue of his skillset alone.

Persona idea: A stylized Day of the Dead Witch Doctor.

What sleeper hero would you like to see get an Arcana?

Photo Credit - Valve