Fnatic staves off WinteR to qualify for EPICENTER

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The ex-Mineski and Alliance coach came very close to stealing the final qualifying spot from Fnatic, but in the end, his team Power of MYSG+AU fell 2-3 in the Grand Finals.

Fnatic put through the crucible against WinteR's stack

Most people did not even know who Power of MYSG+AU was when the Epicenter M: Southeast Asia Qualifier started, but the Chan 'Winter' Litt-Binn stack proved their worth by taking Fnatic to five games in the Grand Finals.

Power of MYSG+AU kept stride with Fnatic, but many of the games were blowouts; it was in the decisive game that Fnatic showed their superior experience. Power of MYSG+AU had a small net worth lead for the better part of 30 mintues, but Fnatic was able to steal the lead from them thanks to Abed's tempo-setting 12-4-9 Queen of Pain.

They began to turn the screws on Power of MYSG+AU, forcing them to retreat back to their base and play more defensively. It all culminated in a ridiculous final teamfight in Power of MYSG+AU's base where Pyo 'MP' Noa claimed a Rampage and Fnatic claimed the series.

Paparazi buries Newbee in the Grand Finals

The final series in the Epicenter M: China Qualifier was a relatively short affair. Vici Gaming were able to defeat Newbee in just over an hour.

In the first game Newbee was working with a 10k gold lead at 25 minutes thanks to Song 'Sccc' Chun's 12-4-5 Lina performance. But after a teamfight win by Vici at the river, the momentum completely flipped. Zhang 'Paparazi' Chengjun grew fat on his Troll Warlord and Vici methodically took objectives, securing victory at 49 minutes.

In Game Two Paparazi dominated with his 9-0-8 Arc Warden. He was unstoppable and Newbee were held to just 7 kills. Newbee conceded in just 22 minutes.

Major Qualifiers: finished

Fourteen of the sixteen teams that will be competing in Moscow are now set; the final two teams will be the champion and the runner-up from the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor #2. The qualifiers for that tournament begin on May 21st and run until the 24th.

The EPICENTER Major team breakdown is as follows:

Qualifiers are over and teams are set. Did your favourites make it?

Photo Credit - StarLadder