Three more teams qualify for EPICENTER

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The NA, SA, and CIS regional qualifiers for the EPICENTER Major are all complete. Only two regions remain.

Complexity Gaming cannot keep up with SumaiL and EG

compLexity Gaming started well in the Grand Finals of the Epicenter M: North America Qualifier, with Linus 'Limmp' Blomdin taking over Game One on his 18-3-6 Clinkz. But after the loss, Evil Geniuses reoriented and took three rather convincing games in a row.

As always, a huge part of EG's success was Sumail 'SumaiL' Syed Hassan. He controlled Game Two on his 16-1-14 Queen of Pain, and then spurred a lategame comeback in Game Three with a 16-6-12 Leshrac performance.

Game Four was a very even match, but EG were playing a strong defensive game, and when he was needed most, Arteezy stepped up with a 11-1-13 Lifestealer and helped seal victory for his team.

Na'Vi takes to the limit

The Grand Finals of the Epicenter M: CIS Qualifier went the distance. Though on paper were the better team, Natus Vincere played extremely well to keep them on their toes.

The truly crazy match was Game Three. After almost an entire hour of back-and-forth fights, Na'Vi attempted to push highground, but were repelled by Vladimir 'RodjER' Nikogosyan's Enimga and three separate Black Holes in one fight. After the defence, VP counterpushed and took the game.

Idan 'MagicaL' Vardanian and Vladislav 'Crystallize' Krystanek put in lots of work for Na'Vi, but RodjER had an especially clutch series for VP.

Black^ and Skiter take turns pummeling EgoBoys

The Epicenter M: South America Qualifier Grand Finals was rather one-sided affair. Infamous won three straight games, and their opposition EgoBoys really never had an answer.

Both Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier and Oliver 'Skiter' Lepko had commanding performances in the series. Skiter came through with a 13-0-13 Sven in Game One, while Black^ dominated from the midlane with a 10-2-6 Storm Spirit in Game Two. In Game Three they kindly allowed Mikki 'Hestejoe-Rotten' Junget to run over EgoBoys with a 9-1-18 Doom.

Soon we will know all the qualified teams at the Major.

Photo Credit - Valve