ppd challenges EPICENTER admins, causes bracket change

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The Epicenter M: Europe Qualifier caused some drama: besides we almost witnessed an absolute upset, Peter 'ppd' Dager accused the admins of misruling the seeding of the qualifier's playoffs bracket.

A messy qualification phase

ppd is well known for speaking up when he is unhappy with certain situations – and in most cases he emerges victorious in those debates. This was also the case after yesterday's EPICENTER Major 2019 Europe Closed Qualifier.

Team Liquid, Alliance and Aachen City Esports were tied for places 4-6 and had to play tie-breakers to determine the two teams that would go on to play the playoffs.

Liquid as well as Alliance won their matches against Aachen, advancing to the finals. At first, Alliance was set to play OG, while Liquid's first opponent in the playoffs would have been Ninjas in Pyjamas.

However, ppd pointed out that the placement was flawed and not in accordance to the rules. The NiP player accused the EPICENTER admins of having removed two rules of the code that teams had been provided prior to the tournament after the conclusion of the group stage.

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In a now TwitLonger post, he claims that the rules that had been allegedly removed were as follows:

“ If teams have an equal amount of points and compete for advance to the Second phase they should play tie-breaker best-of-one matches If the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th place teams have an equal amount of points, a team that won highest placed team will placed higher.”

According to these sections, the playoffs placement of the four participants is determined by the highest ranked team they defeated during the qualifier. This would mean that Team Liquid is placed above Alliance, because they won against Team Secret (1st place) while Alliance only managed to defeat Team Liquid (4th/5th).

At the same time, this rule would also affect the bracket placement of NiP and OG who both finished the round-robin 5-2. NiP took out OG (2nd/3rd place) while OG's highest victim where Alliance and Liquid, both ranking lower than OG.

So, to wrap all that up, ppd concluded that the actual pairings should be OG vs Team Liquid and NiP vs Alliance in the first round of the playoffs. Apparently, the EPICENTER admins have conceded to ppd's claims and changed the playoff seedings in accordance to the rules he cited in his now deleted tweet.

Team Liquid almost falls over Aachen

The whole qualifier was a messy and chaotic affair to say the least – and this was not only due to the issues brought forward by ppd. Team Liquid surprised the Dota community by conceding match after match. Not only did they lose to the top teams in the qualifier but also Aachen City eSports.

The outfit from Germany managed to cause an upset against the MDL Disneyland Paris Major runner-up, but lost to Liquid in the tie-breaker. If it hadn't been for this very specific set of rules at this tournament, this loss could have liquidated Team Liquid's hopes to make it to EPICENTER.

What do you think about the tournament format?

Photo credit: ESL - Patrick Strack