The Calibration Phase for the League is fast approaching!

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The joinDOTA League Season 16 Calibration Phase is almost here. If your team wants to compete in a higher division, don't waste any time and sign-up now.

What is the Calibration Phase?

The "Calibration Phase" is a set of assessment matches played prior to the actual jDL season. They function exactly like the matches used for MMR bracket calibration—the better your team performs in the Calibration Phase, the higher you are seeded in the league.

All three regions have their own distinct Calibration Phase, and calibrated teams can be seeded up to Division 2; teams in Division 2 are excluded from calibration. No team participating in calibration can be seeded in a division lower than one they qualified for in a previous season.

After a team has signed-up for the League, they have the option to participate in the Calibration Phase. Teams can choose to take part in the Calibration Phase at any point until it begins. The actual format for calibration is a 1-day mini-tournament featuring both Bo1 and Bo3 matches. It will run for an extra day if more than 5 rounds need to be played.

We have moved our Calibration Phase dates up one day to accommodate the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor #2 Qualifiers. For all other details check out our Calibration Phase FAQ.

Key Dates

Calibration Phase

Europe — starts
America — starts
Asia — starts

League Sign-up

Europe — closes
Americas — closes
Asia — closes

Main Season

Phase 1 — starts May 27th
Phase 2 — starts June 24th
Phase 3 — starts July 22nd

If there are not enough League sign-ups for a particular region, we have a backup plan in place for those still interested.

Battle Pass Giveaway

To inaugurate our 16th season, we are also giving away 5 Battle Passes for The International 2019. Sign-up below for a chance to win!


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