joinDOTA League Season 16 has arrived!

posted by joinDOTA Staff,
The joinDOTA League is back with Season 16. Get your team together because sign-ups begin now!

What is joinDOTA League?

jDL is a competitive Dota 2 league for anyone that wants to participate. Whether you are a professional or a casual player, everyone is welcome in the league.

We divide the league up by skill so that all the matches are fair, but also so that you cannot advance without truly testing your mettle. If you want to make sure your team lands in the correct skill bracket, we have a Calibration Phase to improve your placement. When you sign up, you must ensure that all five players confirm participation.

Amateur Divisions

Season 16 will utilize the same streamlined format as in Season 15, with the season being split into four phases.

Key dates

  • "Phase 0" - Calibration Phase — May 20th
  • Phase 1 — Starts on May 27th
  • Phase 2 — Starts on June 24th
  • Phase 3 — Starts on July 22nd

joinDOTA League Season 16 runs overall from May 27th until August 14th.

Sign-ups are live right now and end on May 21st. The Calibration Phase begins on May 20th and will conclude on May 21st if more than 5 rounds are necessary. For any questions, see our Calibration Phase breakdown.

Premier Division

The leagues for Season 16 will be played back-to-back starting with Americas, then Europe, then Asia. As always, the teams will be competing for a total prizepool of $12,000:

  • 1st in each region — $2,000
  • 2nd in each region — $1,250
  • 3rd in each region — $750

If you want to compete, make sure to check out the General League Rules. If you have any questions hit up our FAQ.

Don't waste any time: SIGN UP NOW!