Epicenter's Casting Contest returns for the Major

posted by CozmikMonkey,
Epicenter is bringing back their contest to let anyone become a Dota 2 caster for their Moscow Major.
For the second year in a row, Epicenter is giving everyday fans a chance to become an official Dota 2 commentator. The EPICENTER Major is coming up in June, and if you are a would-be caster, this is your shot to make it big.

According to the official contest website, the application rules are simple:

• Apply (with your name and the name of your channel) at Applications are accepted only from 18+ y.o. participants;

• Commentate on The EPICENTER Major Open Qualifiers on your channel in English;

• Get positive feedback from the community and organizers to advance to the next stage;

• Prove yourself on streams of the Closed Qualifiers and get to commentate The EPICENTER Major group stage!

The Epicenter Major runs from June 22 - 30. Once the Closed Qualifiers start, all working participants will be paid by the tournament organizers.

Do you have what it takes to become an official Dota 2 caster?

Photo Credit - EPICENTER Twitter

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