OpenAI Five trounces TI8 champions OG in San Francisco

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The latest showcase of OpenAI's team of bots was a memorable one as they took down OG 2-0 in their series on Saturday.
OpenAI Five were able to take back-to-back wins against The International 2018 champions OG in San Francisco, marking a watershed moment in Dota 2 AI as it is the first time a team of bots has been able to defeat a world champion e-Sports team.

You might remember that back in August, OpenAI's team played against humans at TI8. While they showed promise, their teamplay was crude and they were unsuccessful. Now, clearly, things have changed.

“In its 10 months of existence, it’s already played 45,000 years of Dota 2 gameplay," Greg Brockman, co-founder of OpenAI said to a crowd in San Francisco. "That’s a lot — it hasn’t grown bored yet.”

OpenAI utilizes Reinforcement Learning to teach the bots how to play Dota 2—they are taught nothing about the actual game, and are instead incentivsed to learn the game's laws through a coded reward mechanic which they, in turn, try to enchance. Essentially, they are grinding toward optimizing their chance at winning.

Notably, OpenAI was doing things in-game that humans scarcely do, such as spending money on early buybacks after deaths. According to OpenAI, the bots favour short-term advantages over anything in the long-term, which is often what humans do in Dota 2 (think the classic 4-protect-1 strategy).

However, if those early risks did not pay off, the outcome may very well have been different. Only time will tell how the AI develops into the future.

The full stream can be found here.

AI looks poised to break new ground in Dota 2.

Photo Credit - StarLadder Flickr

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