Sneyking back to Dignitas, Tides out

posted by Sun_Tzu,
us Team Dignitas has just announced the return of us JingJun 'Sneyking' Wu to their roster, who left the team right before the new year due to his busy school schedule.

Dignitas at DreamHack Winter 2012 with Sneyking in the foreground

us Andrew 'Tidesoftime' Biessener will be leaving the team, and has been absent from matches for some time now in fact. He reportedly informed his teammates of his plans to retire from competitive Dota 2 a while back, which prompted the team to ask Sneyking to come back, who by now had plenty of time and motivation to take up his old position with the team.

This has result in some rotations among the players, as Sneyking has taken up the solo mid role, prompting us Ioannis 'Fogged' Loucas to take up a support role instead.

us Andrew 'Tidesoftime' Biessener also release a lengthy statement detailing his decision for retiting:
I've been struggling with motivation for a very long time, even outside of Dota, but that's another story. When I joined the team I warned the team captain, waytosexy, that support was my worst role. Not only has support always been extremely hard for me mechanically, but it becomes really boring really fast unless you play like Navi.

At the time I joined I was extremely motivated despite playing the support role as no one else could or wanted to play it. We still had stuff to prove, top teams to beat, we had to become the best. This was all fresh in my mind, it was all a new experience being in serious a team like this filled with talented players going against the best players in the world on a daily basis. It was exciting.

After TI2 went by it slowly just became routine, I practiced because I had to, I played the same 5-10 heroes (being generous) every scrim/match because I had to, I sacrificed myself to save a carry, I bought wards to keep the Carry's farm going and for map control. I pulled and stacked to get level and gold advantages over the other team. I would try to be as effective as I could in team fights without any farm. I made a ton of sacrifices so the Carries and mid solos could win the game. It all became routine, Strategies from both us and opponents became dull: split push or 5 man and pick one of these clearly imbalanced heroes. Everything became boring and repetitive to me. I no longer had a strong desire to improve or win. And since I had been playing like shit, I had quickly become a detriment to the team. That being said, our slumps were not only my fault. Every single player has been having some extremely horrible flaws lately. The difference was motivation and what I had mechanically shown in the past.

My mechanics have been embarrassing bad for a long long time. From what I've shown I'm in no shape to compete against a team like IG, Navi or at TI3 without the aid of some cheesy strategies (which I can come up with but the chances of winning are still low and I would have to rely on my teammates to carry my awful mechanical skills). Cocky/arrogant of me to say, but I do believe I have the potential to be one of the top 3 mid solos/offlaners in the world (actions speak louder than words though and I have not proven it whatsoever), and well, I find playing carry extremely easy and I think most pro players can play it extremely well. It's just fun being super strong :). But that would take some time to do, and I won't be able to make it to that level or find a team of 4 extremely good players before TI3 invites come around so I'm going to take a break from Dota. If I do come back to DotA it will most likely be around winter next year, and I won't be playing support.

I'm off to learn something new, I've been craving to learn stuff + do stuff other than Dota for a while due to the whole motivation thing. But I could very easily be pumped up to play it again sometime within the next year.

Shoutout to any and every support player out there, you all are under appreciated to no one's fault, it's just the way DotA is setup. That being said, Dota is an awesome game and has been a huge part of my life. Shoutout to Valve, Icefrog, and everyone who helped him make the game. Shoutout to every passionate Dota fan/player/caster/sponsor/organizer for supporting one of the hardest games out there. Last but not least shoutout to my team, I know you guys aren't in this to make friends anymore but you guys are fucking awesome people, was fun being on a team with you guys.

I love my teammates, I've spent a lot of time playing with them over the past year. I know they're all smart and talented enough to succeed both inside and outside of Dota. They just need to get their act together and start owning again.

us JingJun 'Sneyking' Wu also released a statement regarding his return:
It is an honor to be able play with Team Dignitas again. I will be playing the mid-solo role primarily. Thank you for all those who have supported me in the past and I’ll work hard to represent the brand and fill the gap that TidesofTime left. Shoutout to Tides for what he contributed to the team and look forward to our matches.

And finally a few words from us Charlie 'Monolith' Yang, team manager:
I'm going to miss Drew a lot. None of us went into this endeavor for friendship, but it slowly happened along the way. This decision was hard for everyone involved but in the end, everyone agreed that it was for the best. People often underestimate the amount of time and energy it takes to commit to play at the highest level for this game and TidesofTime was no exception.

He put in a lot of himself into this team and we've all grown because of it. He's always been there to study teams, think of new drafts and make note of all the little things that we needed to improve on. There will always be a place for Drew "TidesofTime" Biessener at Team Dignitas.

Team Dignitas roster

us Ioannis 'Fogged' Loucas
ca Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling
ca Peter 'Waytosexy' Nguyen
us JingJun 'Sneyking' Wu
us Saahil 'Universe' Arora