Pajkatt leaves OG because of chemistry issues *UPDATE*

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Per Anders 'Pajkatt' Olsson L. joined the reigning TI8 champion OG in November 2018 after Anathan 'Ana' Pham left to take a break. However, it didn't work out. Pajkatt needs to leave already - who is coming next?

Update: 04.01.2019 - 3:52 PM CEST

The Russian player Igor 'ILTW' Filatov will be standing in at WePlay! Dota 2 Winter Madness for OG.

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That was a short adventure for the Swedish carry! In fact, Pajkatt was a part of OG for only 38 days in total before getting released again. In this short time he played two qualifiers with the European squad.

Chemistry issues can't be solved

While they didn't qualify for The Chongqing Major, OG beat at least Ninjas in Pyjamas in the Minor qualifier to get the first seed for The Bucharest Minor.

OG clarifies that Pajkatt will get a cut of the money they make at the Minor, or if they'll manage to make it to the Major.

The explanation for Pajkatt leaving is simple: although he is a "mechanically gifted player and great DotA mind" the chemistry issues they faced were too big to keep working together. The team's captain Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein explains that it's not easy to bring a new player in this lineup after winning TI8.

Pajkatt is a great player, and I feel blessed that I got the chance to learn from him, but when a team with recent success brings in a new player, it is a difficult position to be in for anyone.
I'd like to extend a huge thanks to Pajkatt for the time we spent in Paris, and also a huge thanks to everyone else who keeps supporting OG through thick and thin!
All the best in the future PJ
And a kickass 2019 to you all! - Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein

TI qualification in danger: what is the next step for OG?

That said, OG is one man short for the upcoming competition at the Minor. The event in Romania's capital is already starting on January 9th - they don't have much time left to find a replacement.

OG explains in the farewell post for Pajkatt that they'll "be holding try-outs to fill out the carry position" and the replacement will already be announced today on Friday.

They didn't clarify, if this new player will be just a stand-in for the upcoming events or a permanent replacement on the carry position. However, it's clear that OG will struggle at The Bucharest Minor, because the competition is tough. Bringing in a new player makes it even harder for them to compete with teams like NiP or EHOME - only the best team of the Minor will make it to The Chongqing Major.

This will be a tough season for the current TI champion: OG missed out the first Major and will probably not attend the second one, either. Finding a new player will be essential not only for the second round of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, but already for the third Major which will be hold in Stockholm.

OG needs to find a talented player who fits N0tail's system and can be shaped and prepared by the start of the third Major, starting March 14.

Which player would be perfect for OG?

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