25 November
13:00 CET
Yellow Submarine
Team Empire

GEST: The Challenge is over

posted by Sun_Tzu,
Three days of play came to an end with a base-race finish as the second installment of the GEST Challenge has found its winner.

The first to fall was the only Chinese participant, cn ViCi Gaming, who threw away a gigantic lead up against my MUFC, from which they never truly seemed to recover. They were eliminated in the lower bracket by world LGD.Int.

The second team to leave the competition was MUFC, who even in their win against VG showed some signs of questionable play, and ended up being decimated by a convincing my Orange eSports in the upper bracket finals. As MUFC faced off against LGD.Int, they managed to take one game on the back of a lategame Anti-Mage, before being eliminated in Game 3 after having had the advantage early on.

The Finals

Game 1

The early game was dominated by Orange, who rushed Mekanism and Pipe of Insight on Tidehunter as well as Arcane Boots and Drum of Endurance on Mirana, wanting to end the game early on. As fight after fight went against them, at the 30 minute mark LGD.Int conceeded that they were unable to stand against this innovative and aggressive play, and called the 'GG'.

Game 2

Orange went for a surprise Morphling pick, to which LGD.Int responded with a Clinkz pick-up. While leading the way early on and gaining map control, LGD.Int were unable to treathen Orange's base, allowing Orange to come back into contention. While Barracks at bottom lane eventually did give in, the game pushed on into the later portion, where LGD.Int have been shown to struggle greatly as of late. While the Morphling and Tinker gave Orange quite a bit of split-pushing power, the Magnus Reverse Polarity allowed Orange to stay in the teamfights, ultimately allowing my Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung to equalize the Barracks.

On the back of poor engagements and trying to force the eventual Mega Creeps, LGD.Int gave up their own lanes at the same rate as they were taking their enemies, which lead both teams to gain Megas at the same time. The deciding factor however was that LGD.Int had lost their heroes without buybacks, allowing Mushi to take down the throne and to give Orange the victory.

Orange defeats LGD.Int 3-0 and are 7-0 for the entirety of the competition. For their efforts, they win $ 1,000 while LGD.Int have to settle for the $500 second prize.