Valve reveals two Minor tournaments for the DPC season

posted by Smyke,
We already expected that Dota PIT would be a Minor, because the dates fit perfectly for the Valve announced tournaments. Only one Minor is missing. Every other event got revealed on the official page for the Dota 2 Pro Circuit a few days ago.

The first Minor of the season was the DreamLeague Season 10 in Stockholm, while the second one will be in Bucharest organized by PGL.

Croatia and Ukraine get Minor slots

AMD Sapphire Dota Pit Minor already brought some Valve event action to Croatia and will do it again. Last time teams like Team Liquid and Vici Gaming were fighting in a five star hotel in the South of Croatia. Rumours said that they could switch the location to the capital Zagreb this time to attract more Dota 2 fans from Croatia.

The fifth and last Minor will not be help in Europe, but in the CIS region. It may seem like Ukraine won't have an own Major, but at least they got a Minor tournament. The event will be organized by StarLadder from June 10-16. The Ukrainian organization has two Valve tournaments this season, because they will be hosting The Chongqing Major in China, too.

Every team competing in the Minor will earn DPC points. The most important feature is: the winner of the Minor gets the last slot for the following Major. Tigers were the first team to win a Minor. Which teams can step into their shoes?

Photo credit: Valve