Raidcall EMS One groups drawn

posted by Sun_Tzu,
With the EMS One Spring Season cups behind us and the 16 teams for the groupstage decided as well as the top four teams, the ESL admins will be performing a live draw today to determine the groups.

Image links to Coverage page for EMS One along with the complete standings

The draw for the Dota 2 groups will commence at around 18:30 CET today in RaidCall Group 1997. In addition to the ESL admins, there will be a representative for each of the top four teams present, who are empowered to use their teams right to perform one team swap between any teams from any of the groups.

There will also be a raffle by ESL for fans who are present in the RaidCall Group to win a SteelSeries QcK+ Limited Edition Dota 2 mousepad.

Results of the draw below:


Group Aeu Fnatic.EUde Mousesportsse TCM-Gamingus Fnatic.NA Group Bse No Tidehunter eu dd.Dotafi rat in the darkus Infinity Gaming Group Cua Natus Vincereeu Kaipidk Absolute Legendsus Team Liquid Group Dru Virtus Proru Team Empireru RoX.KiSus Eosin+4

After the random draw, Fnatic.EU chose to swap places with Virtus.Pro, while Na`Vi and VP chose to skip their respective turns. No Tidehunter decided that Fnatic.EU was on to something, also choosing to swap around with VP, playing VP in Group D at the end of the draw.

Of the final groups, it seems clear that A and B are the compartively easy ones, while C and D offer up more of a challenge, with certainly Na`Vi and Team Liquid as well as VP and Empire favoured to advance from their respective groups, although RoX.KiS and Absolutle Legends are going to try their best to pull off an upset.

RaidCall EMS One Spring Season Schedule

Dota 2 Group Stage A & B: March 18th - 19th
Dota 2 Group Stage C & D: March 25th - 26th

Dota 2 Live Finals - April 20th/21th