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There have been some standout performances so far in Season 14 of the joinDOTA League Season 14, with some teams clearly leading the way across the regions. One play in particular shines brightest, but not for the usual reasons...

The match is Zeus vs Rex Regum Qeon in the Asia Premier B division, both teams looking to pick up some much-needed points. Zeus are 1-0 up in the series, and it’s a close game.

Play switches to a 2v1, with Zeus’ Wu 'xx' Jia Xian (on Storm Spirit) coming to the aid of and Luo 'Statham' Tao’s Vengeful Spirit as he polishes off RRQ’s Farand 'Koala' Kowara. However, Statham’s health is chunking fast thanks to the Venomancer's poison, so xx does what any good team-mate should do — offers the full-service deny.

What happens next tickles Gareth and MoFarah a little… Who would have thought that the illusion wouldn’t necessarily be friendly?

Zeus ultimately lost the game, resulting in a tied series. Both teams are lagging behind Veteran Gaming and Clutch Gamers, and need to start picking up the wins if they are to make the playoffs.

Did you know about this little aggro quirk?

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