Is Nisha the next hard carry superstar?

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Having turned 18 just days before his first LAN win with Team Secret, is the Polish carry the next big superstar?

The collected carry

Although young, Michał 'Nisha' Jankowski is no stranger to professional Dota. The pride of Polish Dota, Team Kinguin had some very promising spells in the previous season; even picking up DPC points. Playing with more or less the same players since 2015, Nisha tasted some success with his compatriot teammates.

Moving to Team Secret before his 18th birthday, the wonderkid was quickly thrown onto the main stage, playing at the PVP Esports Championship taking place in Singapore. A relatively new Secret side faced up against TI finalists PSG.LGD in the semi-finals of the contest; a matchup they would win 2-0.

They would then face up against the SEA all-star team Fnatic. Taking the series 3-2, Nisha performed to a convincingly high standard through the series, despite having a difficult game in the middle.

Strangely, this isn’t the first time that Nisha has managed a rampage against Fnatic in competitive play, achieving the same thing in exactly the same place of the map for Kinguin, but also featuring an incredibly clutch prediction.

MMR grind

Nisha caused some waves in the community recently with his impressive Dotabuff profile. With a 67.78% win rate in 804 games, Nisha quickly climbed to over 9000 MMR in under 1000 games, an impressive feat.

Currently sitting at rank 33 at the age of just 18, and having his potential recognised by the legendary captain Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov, Nisha certainly has something special. Back in July this year, Nisha maintained 3 accounts in the top 15 MMR European leaderboard.

Another clutch play from Nisha on KNG

Nisha’s transition from mid to carry seems to be working out so far, with some very strong performances on heroes such as Drow Ranger, Morphling and his trademark Medusa. On Kinguin, Nisha played a number of successful games on Medusa and Terrorblade, something that has already been replicated on Secret.

Versatility, big plays, and winning his first LAN with his new team, Puppey's wonderkid seems to be able to pull out clutch moments on demand, having already accumulated somewhat of a show-reel from the sparse games he’s been playing for Secret.

So what’s next for the superstar? Secret have faced off against a strong LGD and Fnatic side, coming out only slightly on top. Only time will tell how well the new Secret gel together, but we are certain that Nisha is a player to keep a very close eye on this DPC season.

Can Secret win the Major with Nisha?

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