Warrior Songs hit the Dota 2 store

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One of the best features of Dota 2 is the ability for community-made content to appear in-game. Now a new music pack has dropped from glitch-hop artist Christian “TheFatRat” Büttner, and it’s well worth giving it a listen.

With over half a billion views on YouTube and a Billboard-charting EP, the German producer has now turned his attentions to Dota 2. Warrior Songs is a concept album inspired by the game, and now you can replace your entire soundtrack with his soaring beats.

You can listen to the entire pack in the video above, and it is also available on Spotify and iTunes. For more of the artist’s work, check out his YouTube channel.

Music packs add to a different experience of Dota 2. Several well-known artists have previously created work for the game, such as superstar producer deadmau5, American rock band AWOLNATION and Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin.

What do you make of the new music pack?

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