v1lat and x3m4eg open new casting studio: Maincast

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Maincast is a new CIS studio formed by two veterans of the scene, V1lat and x3m4eg, a studio hoping to create "genuine, sincere and simple" content.

"Nothing TV-ish, boring or default, no, I need something genuine"

Today it was announced that Ukranian CIS casting heavyweight V1lat and tournament organising royalty Andrey "X3m4eg" Grigoriev have opened their own studio. Entitled Maincast, the new studio will not only provide coverage of tournaments but will also host their own online and offline tournaments in Dota 2, CS:GO and "other relevant competitive games".

V1lat and X3m4eg are amongst the most experienced veterans in the CIS Dota 2 scene, making the announcement of Maincast a very exciting proposition.

V1lat's official statement:
"As a simple fan of esports in any possible form, I want just one thing - awesome content, more and more of it, as much as possible. Nothing TV-ish, boring or default, no, I need something genuine, sincere and simple. The new studio will give me and my colleagues the opportunity to create what we all want to see, what made us fall in love with esports! Our viewers will help us to create live shows, which we really deserve."

While Moonduck and BTS will join forces for TI8 Regional coverage, Maincast will go head-to-head with RuHub, V1lat's former employer. The big reveal of the Maincast studio will take place on 18th June during the TI8 Qualifiers.

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