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The Dota 2 community panicked yesterday as the TI prize pool dropped below the previous year's for the second time in history. However, Valve were quick to respond with the release of the Collector's Cache.
The new treasure, a separate purchase for Battle Pass owners, has already sent the TI8 prize pool back up above TI7's trajectory, but it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to keep growth above last year's levels. After 23 days we've climbed over 12 million and edged back above last year's prize pool at this point.

The chart on Cyborgmatt's Prize Tracker site as of 01.06.2018 at 16:30 CEST. Click to enlarge.

Battle Pass levels - quick maths

Trying to figure out whether to spend your hard earned cash on Valve's latest offering? Let's break it down. The treasure contains 14 common drops, one Rare, one Very Rare and one Ultra Rare.

Purchasing one will grant you 2000 Battle Pass points, seven gives 5000 and all 14 grants 20000. That's 27 levels for 22.40€, but you can buy the same number of levels for 9.90€.

You can also recycle each set (as long as you don't unbundle the items) for another two Battle Pass levels each. Theoretically, if you dislike all the sets, that's actually 55 levels for 22.40€. Still, that's a bit pricier than buying levels outright - 55 costs 19.75€. We're gonna say that's really not worth it unless you hate all the regular sets but still want a shot at the rares and have some cash to spare.

If you like the sets, that's a whole other story. In that case, don't worry about the math and enjoy some fancy new hats! Here's a look at what the Collector's Cache has to offer:

Bloodseeker's Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum

Pangolier's Pitfall Crusader

Dark Seer's Insights of the Sapphire Shroud

Spirit Breaker's Pillar of the Fractured Citadel

Undying's Forlorn Descent

Wraith King's Stonemarch Sovereign

Necrophos' The Murid Divine

Techies' Primer of the Sapper's Guile

Venomancer's Molokau Stalker

Witch Doctor's Morbific Provision

Queen of Pain's Raptures of the Abyssal Kin

Invoker's Fate Meridian

Weaver's Grasp of the Riven Exile

Phantom Assassin's Visions of the Lifted Veil

Warlock's Dread Compact

Very Rare
Shadow Shaman's Endowments of the Lucent Canopy

Ultra Rare
Gyrocopter's Vespidun Hunter-Killer

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