Announcing the joinDOTA League Season 13 Prize Pool!

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The return of joinDOTA League means the return of our Premier Division. For members of the community, that means more great Dota 2 to enjoy. For semi-professional players grinding their way to the top, it's a place to hone skills, fight for dominance and a chance to win a share of our prize pool.
Each region - Europe, Asia and America - will receive 1/3 of the total prize pool. That means that $4000 has been allocated to each of the regions. Without further ado, here is the breakdown of our prize pool for each region's Premier Division:

1st $2000
2nd $1250
3rd $750

Even if you're not playing in the top division, you can always enjoy it another way - watching our broadcasts! We broadcast every Premier Division match in English on

You can also check out individual matches to see who else is casting in other languages. We'll have them listed in the Watch section on each match's page.

joinDOTA League Season 13 Schedule

Sign-up Closes: 18.05 @ 09:00 CEST/15:00 SGT/03:00 EDT/00:00 PDT

Playday 1: 21.05-27.05
Playday 2: 28.05-03.06
Playday 3: 04.06-10.06
Playday 4: 11.06-17.06
Playday 5: 18.06-24.06
Playday 6: 25.06-01.07
Playday 7: 02.07-08.07
Tiebreakers: 11.07-17.07
Playoffs: 18.07-05.08

That's not all, we've already got the next four seasons planned as well! Here is the rough schedule for those upcoming seasons:

Season 14: September - December 2018
Season 15: January - April 2019
Season 16: May - August 2019
Season 17: September - December 2019

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