TI8 keeps smashing prize pool records

posted by cLaun,
Five, six, seven and eight million USD are the numbers the prize pool hit on the first four days respectively. The International is once again smashing prize pool numbers when compared to the years before.
After an hour the prize pool of TI8 was five times the amount of TI7, TI6 and TI5, which held the record for prize pool in the first hour before.

At the end of day one the prize pool was already over 5,000,000 USD having hit that number in only 17 hours.

The following days went a bit slower while still smashing another million every single day before reaching 8,000,000 USD in only four days.

Currently the prize pool is already over 8.5 Million USD with no indication of slowing down.

TI8 can potentially hit 10,000,000 USD in half of the time TI7 did. It took TI7 15 days to reach that point.

What number will we hit until the weekend?

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