The three Major marathon starts in China

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The last Minor has just concluded, and now we get three Majors in a row to end the first DPC season. The marathon starts in China, at Changsha today.

No time for recovery after the Minor

Although we've had some downtime in recent weeks, now it's blow-by-blow. On Saturday we were still watching the Grand Finals of GESC E-Series: Bangkok, while in a day-and-a-half we will be straight into the upcoming Major. It's not an easy task for VGJ.Storm. The North Americans qualified for both events, and won't even have a single day to recover between the Minor and the group stage of the Major.

This tough schedule has also caused some problems for the CIS team of Vega Squadron, who had to apply for two visas almost at the same time - and we all know the decision against them. The passports of the Vega squad didn't come back in time, which forced the team to withdraw from the Minor in Thailand. At the Major in China, they can make up for it and try to win the tournament.

Chinese team have an advantage

Before the tournament has even started, MDL has received some cricitism for their qualifying format. It's well known that different tournaments try to give their own region an advantage, but MDL is taking it to another level. Two top-level Chinese teams were invited to the tournament: Newbee and Vici Gaming - so far, so good. Then, three more Chinese teams received a place due to their placement in the The Dota 2 Professional League S5 Top, which allowed iG.Vitality, Invictus Gaming and PSG.LGD into the Major.

After winning the EPICENTER XL Major in Russia, Xu 'Fy' Linsen and his teammates could win their second Major in a row to catapult them into TI8.

VP withdraw gives Mineski a chance to win in China

Another team has the chance to win a second Major — withdrew from the MDL tournament and so the invite was given to Mineski.

The SEA squad already has some experience in disappointing the home crowd in China. At Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 Daryl 'iceiceice' Koh and his teammates had to play the Grand Finals against LGD, where they came back from a 1:2 deficit to win the tournament 3:2. In Changsha they could win their second Major and surpass LGD in the rankings again.

Who do you think will win the Major in Changsha?

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