EE and CCnC complain about leaked patch information

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Recently, IceFrog and Valve changed their patching schedule to a bi-weekly format. The last patch, 7.14, brought us Techies back. Now, players have started complaining again. On one hand, the fortnightly changes are not making the competitive scene any better, and on the other it seems as though some players know more than others.

world Fnatic's hard carry seized the opportunity to complain about the patching system. In his opinion, there are players who receive information about changes before they're announced.

Beta-tester friends bring the advantage

If it were just EE complaining, the scene would mostly ignore his instigation of drama, but world OpTic Gaming's midlaner us Quinn 'CCnC' Callahan mentioned something similiar in a Twitch chat.

He further explains how some pros have more information than others, due to connections with IceFrog's beta testers. These players get to know every update before it is released. It appears some pro players have contact to those beta testers, to get more information beforehand.

General complaints about biweekly patch system

While players like EE and CCnC complain about leaks during update cycles, Evil Geniuses' offlaner pk Sumail 'SumaiL' Syed Hassan is not fond of the update system in general. In his opinion, a bi-weekly meta change should be more about minor changes and not include huge meta shifts each time, especially if you consider that there are Major and Minor tournaments every week which are massively influenced by these changes.

Secret's coach —
kr Lee 'SunBhie' Jeongjae — has a similiar opinion, explaining that changes are now more about intuition and luck, and remove a lot of the competitveness.

What is your opinion on the patching system?

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