Statsman Bruno on stats, Dota2 and The GD studio

posted by Tezzeret,
Formerly known under the nickname 'Wickd', ar Bruno 'Statsman' Carlucci's popularity exploded during The International 2012 with his analysis of picks & bans and his quirky humour. In an in-depth interview with PMS Asterisk founder, sg Tammy 'furryfish' Tang, he shares why stats appeal to him and his move to the GD stuido among other topics. Below is an extract of the interview.
Host panel at The International 2012

Why stats? Are game stats something you have a particular passion for? Where do you get your inspiration from when you cast? Do you do a lot of research beforehand?

Numbers are something I get along with. I wanted to really understand how good certain heroes/teams/lineups were, but there was nothing available for that. That’s why I created Dota-Academy, and it was useful, fun!
Then at Seattle, James invented the “Statsman Bruno” nickname and people found it funny, and by the time that we realized that I would work better as a comic relief in the panel, I started pulling the stats jokes! Hopefully I will be able to show people that my brand of humor can go beyond stats, because, really, I think I ran that field dry in those 3 days, I wouldn’t know what to say for TI3!

What do you think DotA2 (the platform/mechanics) lacks right now, if you were Valve, what would you change/add in/remove?

I’m glad to see Team MatchMaking and Tutorials in the works. I think it’s clear that will wrap up the main game features. Team Matchmaking will probably satiate the hunger of those who want to measure their comparative strength with others, and for those who don’t have a team, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there was some kind of “lobby” where you can make a temporary party just to match yourself against consolidated teams.

I also hope we get a way to watch a replay with someone else. There are many caster pairs that love to cast games from replays, and having to synchronize their games in order to do so is a bit too complicated.
Also, personally, I can’t wait for all heroes to be ported and for Dota 2-only development to start. It will be sad to see DotA come to an end, but imagine all the possibilities and new mechanics that will arise! The game can only get better!

Is there any one in eSports whom you look up to, and why?

Not one person, no, although there are many deserving of praise. I do admire every single behind-the-scenes volunteer that never get enough credit nor recognition but whose work is CRUCIAL to make eSports work. The tournament admins, the news writers, the team managers... all those guys do it because they love the game, and they actually MAKE the game.

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