EPICENTER Madness Qualifier goes worldwide, final invites teased

posted by Abelle,
EPICENTER have gone mad, at least mad enough to create EPICENTER XL Madness Qualifier which gives absolutely anyone and everyone a chance to compete. The newly announced qualifier will fill one of twelve slots at the main event in April.

The qualifier was introduced with this YouTube video and a link to the FACEIT page where teams may register. The details of the qualifier are described in the video and they are rather odd. The qualifier is open to any team from around the world but all matches will be held on European servers (they do not specify whether this means just EU West or other surrounding servers.)

Additionally, every game including the Grand Final will be a single-game series. Cheese rules everything around the EPICENTER XL Madness qualifier.

They also tease that the final three direct invites to EPICENTER XL are hidden somewhere in the video. Can you spot the clues?

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