CIS Swap sends Rodjer to Virtus.Pro and Lil to Na`Vi

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ua Natus Vincere's Qualifying Points got a big boost today while ru added a talented new support player to their already stacked lineup.
The headline of a day, a month, maybe even a year. @rodjerdota joins, and @LilJke will play for @natusvincere 👉🏻— (@virtuspro) February 1, 2018

It seems it wasn't enough for VP to hold third place on the Qualifying Point ranking with Top 4 placements in four of the six events they've attended so far (including two wins). Now, they've made a trade with Na`Vi to add the strength of Vladimir 'RodjER' Nikogosyan to their ranks in preparation for the final push to TI8.

In return, Na`Vi get Ilya 'Lil' Ilyuk to replace Rodjer, who brings his 900 Qualifying Points to Na`Vi. Since a team's points are determined by the three players with the highest number of points, that bumps Na`Vi all the way up to fifth place on the ranking. They'll have some work to do to hold their position, but this gives them a much stronger chance of a direct invite to TI since the Top 8 teams are guaranteed a spot.

The jury is still out on whether either team will improve with their new support player but we'll have our first looks at both squads in action very soon. Both teams were directly invited to ESL One Katowice 2018, which is coming up towards the end of this month, starting on February 20th. and Na`Vi were both contracted under ESforce Holding until an announcement in late November 2017 declared that Virtus.Pro's advertising sales and media rights would go to Zero Gravity Group, a company owned by then-ESforce Holding co-owner Alexander Kokhanovskyy. Kokhanovsky announced less than a month ago that he would step down as ESforce co-owner.

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