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TNC beat SEA 'final boss' Mineski to qualify for MDL Macau

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ph TNC Pro Team have been largely overshadowed by my Mineski in the many regional qualifiers so far this year, but yesterday they finally overcame Mineski to take their first LAN spot of the season.
At last! The drought has ended for us. GGWP Mineski. Thank you for all the support guys. TNC Pro Team will represent SEA at the LAN Finals of MDL Macau. Thank you Lord! #SummonYourStrength #Niugame #TNCDota2 #RiseofthePhoenix— TNC Pro Team (@TNCProTeam) November 15, 2017

Mars Media Dota 2 League: Macau qualifiers were single elimination, so there was no room for error. TNC faced tough opponents in both my WarriorsGaming.Unity and world Fnatic but managed to beat them both 2-0. They favoured ph Carlo 'QQ / Kuku' Palad's Medusa (a hero currently on the rise) and support Doom, Omniknight and Earth Spirit. Even when faced with ph Abed 'Abed' Yusop's Meepo in Game 2 of their match against Fnatic, TNC didn't falter.

In the Grand Final match, Mineski struck first with a combination of midlane Tinker, carry Vengeful Spirit, offlane Tidehunter and support Tiny. They picked up th Anucha 'Jabz / Kaneki' Jirawong Tiny again in Game 2 and my Kam Boon 'NaNa / Timun' Seng's Tinker in Game 3, but TNC adjusted well and took the series win 2-1.

ph Samson E. 'Sam H' Hidalgo's support play stood out on three different heroes - Beastmaster, then Nightstalker and finally Nyx Assassin.

TNC will head to Macau Dec 8-10 to represent SEA at the Minor. Direct invites and the NA regional qualifier team are the only squads left to be determined in the eight-team event. For more details, you can always check out our coverage page.

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