Just 7.07 things -The ridiculous things you can do in the new patch

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The patch was announced earlier today and players have already got to testing the new features. Some of which are pretty ridiculous such as Kunkka's Fleet or "Machine Gun Puck".

Kunkka's Lvl 25 talent allows him to send a Fleet rather than a Ghost Ship.

machine gun puck, lets go— Maurice Gutmann (@KheZzu_) 30 October 2017

Pudge Meat Hook can now grab Runes. If you are successful the mana cost is returned to you.

Anti-Mage's lvl 15 talent creates an uncontrollable illusion after casting Blink.

Clinkz at level 25 now has Multi-shot on Searing Arrows allowing him to hit your target and one random nearby target.

An Invoker level 20 talent. "Cataclysm (Launched when Sun Strike is doubled tapped. Puts it on a 90 second cooldown. Creates 2 visible Sun Strikes within 175-250 range of each enemy hero)"

Tiny has been reworked. Craggy Exterior has been removed in favour of a new skill Tree Grab. Grabbing a Tree with the ability will increase attack range by 350, deal 25% bonus damage to units and 75% more damage to buildings. You can also now throw it to do splash damage in an area.

Wraith King can now cast mortal strike to summon skeletons equal to the number of charges you have (max of 4/5/6/7 charges). Skeletons are uncontrollable. Lvl 15 talent allows you to have +5 Max Skeletons.

Windranger's new lvl 25 talent allows Shackleshot to latch on to an additional target.

Windranger can now also move while casting her ultimate Focus Fire. Her second new lvl 25 talent grants a 20% ministun chance while performing her ultimate.

Techies Mines now have +25 Movement Speed. (Lvl 25 talent)

Full patch notes for the Dueling Fates here. Patch will land on November 1st.

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