The decisive final days of King's Cup groups are upon us

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Just two more days of King's Cup: America group stage action remain and both us Digital Chaos* and us compLexity Gaming have a few matches left to play which will determine who advances to the playoff bracket.

compLexity have been playing very well in this event. The fact that they've played together in the past could be a factor leaving other, newer rosters in the dust, but if they continue to dominate like this they could very well be one of this season's best NA teams. They're still undefeated, though they have a couple matches against two of the stronger teams in NA left to play tonight.

At the moment, compLexity are leading the pack with their five 2-0 match victories. The top four teams of the group stage will advance to the single elimination playoff bracket, and while coL are in no danger of being dropped out of the top 4, the final day of games will determine whether Digital Chaos move on, and who they knock out along the way.

Since Iceberg dropped out and neither us Leviathan nor pe Sacred have any matches left to play, only Digital Chaos stand to improve their score and edge into the Top 4. However, pe InFamous, world OpTic Gaming and us Is GG all have one match remaining. Both Infamous and VGJ play Digital Chaos so those matches will be extremely important if DC don't want to rely on the results of the final day to decide their fate.

Match Schedule
Saturday, September 16
us Digital Chaos* vs. pe InFamous - 10:00 PDT/19:00 CEST
us Digital Chaos* vs. us Is GG - 15:00 PDT/00:00 CEST

Sunday, September 17
world OpTic Gaming vs. us compLexity Gaming - 10:00 PDT/19:00 CEST
us Digital Chaos* vs. us compLexity Gaming - 12:30 PDT/21:30 CEST

Of course the importance of these matches isn't the only reason to tune into King's Cup this weekend, it's also a fantastic source of some good old-fashioned NA Dota shenanigans. Our intrepid hosts/obs/casters/analysts KotLGuy, Lacoste, KBBQ and GrandGrant (roles vary, but maybe Jack shouldn't be allowed to obs) have been delivering plenty of hilarity both ingame and between the matches.

This pose might be the reason why you cant see kills when Jack is observer— Dominik Stipic (@LacosteDota) September 15, 2017

Have you been enjoying King's Cup? What have been your favourite moments?

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