KuroKy lifts the Aegis! Team Liquid are the TI7 Champions!!!

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KuroKy has DONE IT! The seven time TI player has claimed the Aegis. Team Liquid are CHAMPIONS of The International 7.

Team Liquid's phenomenal run in the lower-bracket could not be stopped, and Liquid made their way past five opponents to reach a Grand Finals against Newbee. For Kuroky it was his seventh International but this would be the first he would hold the Aegis of the Immortal, having lead his team to victory against the odds and against opposition from across the globe.

It was a clean sweep in The International finals, 3-0, for the first time in TI's seven year history. The third game a symbol of just how incredibly strong Liquid are. With the momentum in their favour Liquid never really gave Newbee a chance to get into the Grand Finals, and MIracle's Juggernaut in the third and final game was styling all over Newbee.

It was a farcry from the Wings DC Grand Finals of TI6 which went 3-1 in favour of Wings, and the fact Liquid were able to play so well after a limited break following their come back from 0-1 down against LGD.FY is a credit to the brilliance of this Liquid roster.

Liquid were knocked down to the lower-bracket by iG but then went through Secret, Empire, VP, LGD, LFY before their ultimate final victory over Newbee. Their reward for winning TI7 is $10.8 MILLION, the largest prize reward for any team in the history of esports.

Prize money
1. eu Team Liquid - $10.8 MILLION
2. cn Newbee - $3.9 MILLION
3. cn LGD.Forever Young - $2.5 MILLION
4. cn LGD-Gaming - $1.7 MILLION
5-6. ru - $1.1 MILLION
5-6. cn Invictus Gaming - $1.1 MILLION

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