7.06 Icefrog just removed ALL 42 quick respawn talents

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The controversial talents which allowed certain heroes to respawn faster have been removed from the game. Completely.

In quite a massive overhaul ALL 42 quick respawn talents have been removed from the game as part of the 7.06 update released less than an hour ago. The talents were primarily given to support heroes but the likes of Lone Druid and TA also possessed the talent. The reduction varied between heroes but for example Nature's Prophet respawn timer could be reduced by 40 seconds. His level 25 talent option now removes the cooldown on Teleportation, quite a significant buff.

I reordered all of the new talents alphabetically to save you microseconds of your life. You're welcome.

Ancient Apparition: +8% Ice Vortex Slow/Resistance (Level 20)
Beastmaster: +1 Boar Summoned (Level 15)
Brewmaster: +2s Thunderlap Slow (Level 20)
Bristleback: +10% Spell Lifesteal (Level 20)
Chen: +1000 Creep Health (Level 20)
Clockwerk: +40 Battery Assault Damage (Level 20)
Crystal Maiden: +50 Freezing Field Damage (Level 20)
Dazzle: +25 Poison Touch DPS (Level 20)
Disruptor: +40 Thunder Strike Damage (Level 15)
Earthshaker: +350 Fissure Range (Level 20)
Earth Spirit: Geomagnetic Grip Targets Allies [?]
Enchantress: +6% Impetus Damage (Level 25)
Elder Titan: +200 Mana (Level 10)
Enigma: +1 Malefice Instance (Level 20)
Io: Tether Stuns (Level 25)
Jakiro: Macropyre Pure and Pierces Immunity (Level 25)
Keeper of the Light: +300 Chakra Magic Mana (Level 15)
Legion Commander: +10% Moment Proc Chance (Level 20)
Lina: +40 Movement Speed (Level 15)
Lion: +75 Cast Range (Level 10)
Lone Druid: +50% Spirit Bear Magic Resistance (Level 20)
Lycan: +12 Feral HP Regen (Level 15)
Magnus: +500 Skewer Range (Level 25)
Nature's Prophet: Removed Teleportation Cooldown (Level 25)
Oracle: +0.75s Fortune's End Max Duration (Level 10)
Phoenix: +20% XP Gain (Level 10)
Pudge: +1s Dismember Duration (Level 20)
Pugna: +1s Decrepify Duration (Level 15)
Sand King: -50 Epicenter Attack Slow (Level 15)
Shadow Demon: -1.5s Shadow Poison Cooldown (Level 20)
Shadow Shaman: +4 Wards Summoned (Level 20)
Spirit Breaker: +30% Greater Bash Damage (Level 20)
Templar Assassin: -8 Meld Armor Reduction (Level 25)
Treant: +40 Leech Seed Damage/Heal (Level 25)
Techies:+250 Attack Damage (Level 25)
Undying: +15 Health Regeneration (Level 10)
Venomancer: +14% Poison Sting Slow (Level 25)
Visage: Soul Assumption Double Strike [?]
Warlock: Summons a Golem on death (Level 20)
Winter Wyvern: +1s Cold Embrace Duration (Level 20)
Witch Doctor: +2 Cask Bounces (Level 15)
Zeus: +0.5s Lightning Bolt Ministun (Level 20)

Read the full list of 7.06 changes here.

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