Gamersleague New Dota 2 Team!

posted by PerplexD,
Gamersleague is back with a new stable line up and welcome several new players to their organization.

After showing a lot of promising results; Gamersleague believes they have found themselves a new and stable line up. Some of their more recent results consisted of placing top 4 twice in the GosuLeague. Picking up several veteran Dota players their new lineup consists of:

Gamersleague Roster

de Mirsad "DeMeNt" Djokovic - Team Captain as well as Semi Support/Jungler
ro Pittner "bOne7" Armand - Solo mid
ch Amir "SlhZ" Kassem - Suicide Laner
rs Nenad "Grizine" Lukic - Hard Carry
se Thomas "STompa" Strand - Main Support

eg Ahmed "LuminouS" Khaled

ch Amir "SlhZ" Kassem states the team may not be participating in anything major yet, you can expect to see them in upcoming tournaments:

You can expect us to try out for 4PL, Thor Qualifiers, The Defence Qualifier, Fnatic Radicall Cup. But our main goal is the Defence.