UPDATE: Slark pounces from the shadows

posted by Blue_Knight,
It's patch night once again, and Valve have updated the Dota 2 test client, making a few new interface additions, fixing a couple of bugs, and also bringing to us one of DotA's quirkiest heroes: Slark.

With his potential to lock an enemy in place with his Pounce skill, coupled with some decent burst damage from Dark Pact and the ability to temporarily steal his opponents stats with Essence Shift, and of course his signature ultimate skill - Shadow Dance - that allows him to attack whilst retaining his invisibility, Slark is one of the game's most unique heroes, and is highly adept at killing enemies in one-on-one situations.

The patch notes in full:

- Added Slark!
- Added a chatwheel for quick communication with teammates!
- Added support for using keyboard templates!

- Tournament Drops are now enabled for all leagues.

- Zombies no longer spawn other zombies from a stolen Tombstone.

- Added a form for soliciting new chatwheel options.
- Added world heatmap for seeing where current players are located.
- Abilities and items bound to alt-combinations now display as such.

- Fixed Nightstalker losing his wings at night.

UPDATE: The patch in now live in the main client.