joinDOTA Masters Special Edition returns

posted by LooLooCakes,
The last edition of joinDOTA Masters ended with ua [b]Natus Vincere[/b] claiming the title and now a new one is about to begin! With a prize of $1,000 distributed in a winner-takes-it-all format, the competition is bound to be fierce!

After the big LAN events in Dota 2 have come to an end, joinDOTA steps forward to spice up the competitive scene once again with the joinDOTA Masters Special Edition II, powered by Eight of the best European and North American teams have been invited to battle for the prize and glory, all for the viewing pleasure of you, the community.


ua [b]Natus Vincere[/b]
ru [b]Team Empire[/b]
eu [b]mTw[/b]
se [b]Pulse Esports[/b]
us [b]Team Dignitas[/b]
eu [b]No Tidehunter[/b]
de [b]Zero[/b]
us [b]complexity[/b] (with Bulba and Korok as ringers)


Wednesday, 7th of November 2012

Best of 1
19:00 CET - Quarter-final 1
20:15 CET - Quarter-final 2
21:30 CET - Quarter-final 3
22:45 CET - Quarter-final 4

Update: Due to some scheduling conflicts, the start of the joinDOTA Masters will be postponed by an hour. All scheduled matches have been updated to reflect the change.

Thursday, 8th of November 2012

Best of 3
18:00 CET - Semi-final 1
21:00 CET - Semi-final 2

Friday, 9th of November 2012

Best of 5
18:00 CET - Grand Final

All games will be casted live by joinDOTA's commentator in residence, au Toby 'TobiWan Kenobi' Dawson, so tune in here on Wednesday at 19:00 CET if you don't want to miss the action!

Also, make sure you check the official tournament page on the joinDOTA website for coverage and updates.