Team Counter Logic Gaming disbands

posted by LooLooCakes,
Nine months after picking up their Dota 2 team, the e-sports organization Counter Logic Gaming have announced on their website the official disbandment of the squad.
Team CLG at The International 2012, from left to right: Pajkatt, Lacoste, Mirakel, Akke, MiSeRy

There have been many rumors about the instability of the team following their run at The International 2012, which culminated with their withdrawal from The Premier League earlier this month.

This event was soon followed by the departure of the former captain of the team, se Per Anders 'Pajkatt' Olsson Lille, and his teammate dk Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Filipsen, to complete the roster of the newly formed

Recently, it has also been confirmed that se Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall will join his former teammate, se Jonathan 'Loda' Berg, to fill in the two remaining slots for se No Tidehunter.

The President and Co-Founder of Counter Logic Gaming, George "HotshotGG" Georgallidis, released the following statement:

Though the Dota 2 team was with CLG for less than a year, they were able to secure nine top three finishes and three 1st place finishes under our banner. They proved themselves consistently to be a top competitor in the Dota 2 professional scene and will be greatly missed by the organization.

Former team captain se Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall also commented on his time with the organization:

I want to thank CLG as a sponsor for the time we had together and also the people I met from CLG. Also, I would like to give a big thanks to the team (MiSeRy, Pajkatt, Lacoste, and Mirakel) for being so awesome and making LAN events even more awesome! =)