Justin decides to quit coL with just 3 weeks to go before the Boston Major

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An extreme scenario means us compLexity Gaming must scramble to find a new fifth player for the Boston Major after us Justin 'Justin' Roselle has decided to leave the team with just 3 weeks to go.
"Justin has expressed that he no longer wishes to continue"
us compLexity Gaming appear to have been put in an awkward situation following the sudden departure of us Justin 'Justin' Roselle just 3 weeks before they are set to fly to the Boston Major, and 36 hours ahead of their flight to the Northern Arena LAN in Montreal.

“Over the past two months the coL.Dota team has been training and competing in a large amount of events. Weeks upon weeks of practice and matches naturally lead to stress in players and teams. Unfortunately in this case, despite efforts to alleviate stress and remedy interpersonal issues, Justin has expressed that he no longer wishes to continue in his position as a player for our team.

coL apologise for switching players mid-match
"Feels good," was Justin's only tweet since the announcement. Justin's decision to leave means coL are now one player short for the Boston Major and will need to find a substitute. CoL in fact were forced to swap players mid-match in their game yesterday against world Cloud9*, with us Jaron 'Monkeys-Forever' Clinton coming in to play for Justin in the third game after coL were 2-0 down.

Finally we would like to say sorry. Sorry to Team NP, to ESL, our fans and the viewers of tonight’s match. Respect for competition is one the pillars upon which the compLexity organization was built. Despite it being the only option available to us, swapping to a substitute mid-match is something that impacted the quality of the competition, and for that we apologize.

compLexity will be playing the Northern Arena Beat Invitational with a stand-in, and said in their announcement they will "be speaking with Valve to discuss how to best proceed with respect to the Boston Major", a tournament Justin aided the team to qualify for.

The amended substitute rules for this Major season state that if a team wishes to play the Major with a substitute, the current "main player", in this case Justin, must "yield" his spot to the nominated substitute. This has already been done by ph Execration with ph Rafael 'Rapy' Palo yielding his spot to my Adam Erwann 'Adam / 343' Shah for the Boston Major.

The decision comes just 2 weeks after the team uploaded a video of their celebration for Justin's birthday. Justin joined compLexity along with ro Mihai 'canceL' Vasile and us David 'Moo' Hull just seven weeks ago on the 17th September.

A celebration in the #coLDOTA house as @jkdota turns 21. Watch as @melonzzdota & the guys cut the cake with their new @fadecase coL Karambit— compLexity Gaming (@compLexityLive) 27 October 2016

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