DK end Zenith's hopes

posted by Blue_Knight,
The last Loser Bracket match of the day saw cn DK and sg Zenith duke it out for the final place in tomorrow's final matches.

cn DK 1 sg Zenith 0


In the day's last Loser Bracket match, Zenith placed their bets on a dual-carry strategy as they secured both Morphling and Lone Druid for themselves. On the other hand, DK placed their faith in Burning's Antimage, with a Templar Assassin to back that up. The early game went the way of the Chinese as they stormed into a 10-2 kill lead and even breached Zenith's base at the 14th minute; Burning somehow turning Antimage into an uncharacteristically efficient early-game hero.

The pace of the game slowed down for a while after that, but Zenith could not gain a foothold in the match at all, whereas the whole of the DK team had already gained significant farm, and they were only getting bigger. The Chinese powerhouse played it patiently, controlling the map and passively prolonging Zenith's suffering until they were ready to deliver the deciding blow. DK took Zenith's middle barracks in the 27th minute, killed Roshan and claimed the Aegis two minutes later just to be safe, before marching into the Singaporean's base once again to destroy the bottom barracks. Zenith called the “GG” shortly afterwards, marking their exit from The International.

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