The Defense Playoffs: Na'Vi is out!

posted by Roegnvaldr,
As the week finishes and weekend kicks up, The Defense - brought to you by Razer and BenQ - roars its way to the Finals. Perhaps the most notorious story of this tournament, however, is the defeat of the The International champions, ua Natus Vincere by us POTM Bottom who overpowered the powerhouse and won two for nil! A battle so significant, it amassed enormeous numbers: The live stream had a peak of 19,761 viewers and the in-game Dota TV peaked at around 15,500 viewers!
Following is the overview for the rest of the week.

Upper Brackets

The once mighty eu Mousesports, who had a great lead during the groupstage and made quick work of ru Moscow Five at their first match of the upper brackets have met their match and came out seriously injured. The team was defeated by se Counter Logic Gaming, who were victiorious twice in succession. Mouz has now to battle their way through the lower brackets if they still want a chance at the pot of gold.

As for CLG, they have yet to face us Complexity Gaming before proceeding. However, if the results of the recent matches are any indicative of performance, perhaps coL is in a more dangerous situation. Their opponents so far weren't easy, requiring a lot of effort - especially on their last match against us Quantic Gaming. Hopefully such tough games helped the North American team to enhance their skills in order to oppose CLG's threat.

Lower Brackets

The lower brackets have been nothing short of a slaughterhouse, with further six teams being dropped off the tournament in brutal matches that left no chance of retaliation. us Evil Geniuses have been dominating their opponents, defeating the winners of the Dreamhack Summer Vengeance Cup eu mTw and sk Storm Games Clan, who just before also finished the russian powerhouse ru Moscow Five in a flawless battle.

de We haz Asian had a tough time at the hands of ua Natus Vincere, who hardly left the German team a chance for retaliation. ua Darer suffered the same fate at the hands of us POTM Bottom, breaking the possible Ukranian showdown.

What was given to us instead is a schocking perforamnce from the acclaimed winners of last year's The International. Na'Vi was quickly picked off by POTM Bottom on their first match. With perfect execution of ganks and fast pushing, POTM Bottom forced Na'Vi to call a GG 20 minutes in. The second match was an intense game with both teams slightly overpowering each other at various stages of the battle. However, POTM Bottom performed excellently, using all their habilities, positioning and items to their full potential, winning two to nil and throwing Na'Vi off the tournament.

We are getting closer and closer to the finals. The stakes are high and competition is brutal, so the action is almost never-ending. Who will win the €6000 prize? Stay tuned for the upcoming matches to find out!

Reminder: During this weekend everybody is able to watch The Defense games in your Dota 2 client even if you haven't bought the tournament ticket. A great gift by VALVe to the helpful Dota 2 community.