Valve finds a solution to people fighting over Captain's armband in CM

posted by Malystryx.GDS,
After deciding to remove All Pick from ranked play for a few days, Valve has found a way to avoid the click-spamming battle that sometimes became synonymous with Captain's Mode in ranked matches.

The solution is simple: automatically make the highest MMR player the Captain. Captain's Mode in ranked play is sometimes not ideal due to the fact it often stretches out the game time as well as the quickest person on the mouse can become captain. This can lead to arguements even before the battle has begun over picks and bans.

The patch earlier today also includes a failsafe if the Captain disconnects during the draft, which can cause games to deteriorate when heroes are chosen at random as a result. Should the Captain disconnect the system will now automatically assign a new Captain.

All Pick is currently unavailable for Ranked Matches, leaving only Captain's Mode and Random Draft as gametypes for MMR matches.

Is this the answer to ranked Captain's Mode?

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