Quantic Dota 2 reforms

posted by Jaywalker,

After playing with us Quantic Gaming for some time, it is now official that both us Braxton 'Brax' Paulson and se Sebastian [B]'Matrim'[/B] Sundström has both joined their Dota 2 team.
Their additions will mean the departure of us Josh 'LaStHiTMaGiC' Price and us Jung 'Solara' Hur.

Team captain ca Josh 'PAINTITGOLD' Amos had the following to say about the new team:
The team is looking forward to a bright future at Quantic with our newest members and we feel confident in showing more sides to our play. Thanks to all our loyal fans!

Quantic Gaming

ca Josh 'PAINTITGOLD' Amos
us Steven 'Korok' Ashworth
us Michael 'Mikey' Wunsch
us Braxton 'Brax' Paulson
se Sebastian [B]'Matrim'[/B] Sundström