Show Must Go On: Day 3 dawns on the Shanghai Major

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The host got fired and the production team bit the dust. But Dota waits for no one. Luckily for us the panel is back up! Here’s what happened, what’s still coming up, and the ways you can follow it all go down.

Where are the games?

The short answer is [color=gold]“in the same place as before”[/color]. The day started out with games only being casted in the game client, but the production has made a remarkably fast recovery. The Twitch streams are up. Casts and coverage are complete once again, including a panel that is for now hosted by the excellent KotLGuy. You can find the main English stream here, and the secondary one here.

During the first two series of the day Moonduck jumped in to cover the lack of post- and pre-game analysis. They hosted their own panel in-between games, featuring talent like [color=gold]Purge, Pimpmuckl, SirActionSlacks, Maut and Zyori[/color]. You can find the twitch VODs of their "Emergency Power Panels" here.

The Russian broadcasters, who brought their own production team, were not affected and have been running their show like usual. If you want to read about some of their set-up and what the English production could learn from it, you can read more in this Reddit post by production man extraordinaire Pimpmuckl.

The Russian Stream was holding up fine.

What happened this morning?

Initially it seemed that there would be no production crew on location at all, as we reported in our earlier article. This meant that the first two matches of the day started out in Dota TV. TobiWan and Blitz casted world OG vs us Team Archon*, with Capitalist livetweeting it until there was a stream available. The casting was on point as usual, as was the gameplay: OG cleanly took their expected [color=gold]2-0 over Archon[/color] during the series.

On the primary channel LD and Winter were in charge of the cn LGD-Gaming versus cn Newbee match. After cn EHOME, cn CDEC Gaming and cn Vici Gaming all failed to reach good results, these are the [color=gold]last two Chinese teams with a shot at the upper bracket.[/color] Both of the squads showed that they were well adapted to the patch. Their match went the full three games, full of fresh picks like Phoenix and high-paced action. By the time the draft of their third map came around, there were player cameras on during the draft once again. The series was taken 2-1 by LGD.

This morning also saw new information about the more technical side of things appear. According to tweets from [color=gold]@BonnieElvira[/color], who had originally been hired to do Chinese/English translation, she had basically been running the English stream direction already. This morning she posted a twitlonger containing her story about the production side of the Shanghai Major.

The equipment provided had a ton of issues and the initial date scheduled for rehearsal had to be cancelled. The first bo3 was actually broadcasted WITHOUT any prior rehearsals.

KeyTV was fired this morning (day 3). There was a huge scene where the director shouted and tore up papers and tried to grab stuff. He also insisted that I was hired by him and that I should leave with him immediately. With his "dying breath" he was still arguing that the broadcast being screwed wasn't his fault...

You can find her entire story here.

us Peter 'ppd' Dager has also released his vlog for the day. While he does not discuss the production problems, he does offer some insider perspective on why events have unfolded the way they did.

"There's been so many delays and problems. This really makes our game and what we're doing here look bad," said the drafter of TI5 Winners Evil Geniuses. He reminded the viewers of the fact that Valve had control over every single aspect of the game and added: "Who knows where Dota would be these days without Valve? If they don’t want James Harding to be their host, then that's absolutely their right."

What’s going to happen next?

As of the moment of writing, Group C has just wrapped up their first series of games. OG beat Team Archon 2-0, while LGD took a hard-fought win over Newbee. There's three more matches to go in this group... [color=gold]Will the Chinese squads get past the Western teams this time? [/color]

Last but not least, Group D is still waiting on the horizon. EG, Team Liquid, Virtus.Pro and Complexity will all be playing on the last day of the group stage. After those last results have been determined and the new production team has been fully established, it will be time for the real action to unfold.

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