Shanghai Major Day 3 may have no panel as production crew have been fired

posted by Malystryx.GDS,
For those hoping to tune into panel discussions for today's Group C matches you will unfortunately be disappointed as the production crew behind the Shanghai Major have been fired by Valve.
The decision comes after a whole host of technical problems plagued the first two days of the Shanghai Major, and the production crew of KeyTV - who also did the Nanyang Championships - have been fired. The news was spread by managing Director of Valve Gabe Newell, you said that that they "hope to get this turned around before the main event". Only two days of the groupstage remain, with group C today and group D tomorrow.

No production crew not only means no panel, but also means the talent have no technical assistance available to run the streams to the same standard, but they are still running. There is however, light at the end of the tunnel! The talent on-site are working together to put on a panel in some shape or form, hopefully before the end of the day.

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