Resource Round-Up 2: 5 Sources for better Laning

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Welcome back to the Resource Round-Up, where we dust off the golden oldies and thrust them right back into the limelight. This week it’s time for some education on how to play the laning stage in your role of choice.

Over the years there's been an endless supply of content made by the Dota 2 community. But unless you were there when it hit the subreddit frontpage or made all the news blogs, you might not even know it's there. It's my aim to [b]show you all the gems you might have missed.[/b]

Last week we handled the picking stage, so now it’s time to go out into the field and actually Defend that Ancient. I’ve gathered several articles, posts and videos on the different lanes and how to play them. Let’s start at the least intuitive role of all: the laning support.

A whole lot, as this Reddit thread will show you. This thread is a mountain of support-related content, most of it good, but it’s a rather large hill to climb. Luckily the top comment by u/CountJigglesworth covers plenty of ground on its own. [b]His list of tips and tricks is very extensive,[/b] covering everything from harassing and stack/pulling to pick suggestions and roaming advice. There’s a lot more to be said about lane supporting, of course, but reading his write-up is a pretty great way to cover your bases.

Even if you’re up against a really hard hero combination, there’s a lot of tricks to get the most out of the suicide lane. You could stack ancients, gank mid, or side-pull… or [b]read this interesting guide by Slahser.[/b]

Slahser is mostly known for his hero-revolutionizing guides and pioneering work. He’s advocated for builds like Shadowblade Silencer and Battlefury-less Antimage, and he’s one of the first players to wholeheartedly embrace offlane Enchantress. True to style, this particular thread is not a complete guide on how to offlane. Instead it’s an educational piece on creep blocking, timing, and ward placement. It might just be the fresh perspective you need to get your offlane play to the next level.

Merlini has always had some of the best educational videos around. The first half of this video provides you with a well-structured theoretical background to the replay commentary that follows. And what a replay it is; [b]it’s the pub safelane in its most pure and unadulterated form.[/b] Merlini’s Tiny is solo’ing against a Dark Seer, his supports are wandering around somewhere, and the Antimage is getting freefarm plus some kills on top. It sounds like a typical pub disaster… but somehow it isn’t. Watch those pulling patterns, watch his movement, and get farming.

Statsman Nahaz left a comment under the first of these videos, and it's really the only recommendation you should need to be convinced to watch this 3-part series.

“This should be required reading for any beginning or intermediate players trying to improve.”
Each video takes between 5 to 10 minutes and explains the core concepts behind laning. Video 1 mostly concerns the thoughts and mechanics around lasthitting. Video 2 touches on itemization and talks about lane matchups. Last but not least, video 3 contains the exciting arts of ganking and dodging ganks.

As Nahaz said, Wagamama’s video is aimed at [b]beginning players and intermediates.[/b] But if you think you're ready to go pro, you should probably read the next guide instead.

This guy’s not lying when he says that his piece is the [b]ultimate guide to solo mid.[/b] Click on the link and take a look at that table of contents; every single aspect of the lane has been explained in minute detail.

ChaQ lists a lot of techniques and tricks that are probably too hard for 90% of the Dota 2 community to execute. Read about them anyway. Get a friend to read them, too, then 1v1 each other and see who messes up the least. It’ll be a good time.

Last week’s Resource Round-Up contained [b]5 great sources and tools on hero picking and drafting.[/b] If you missed it, you can find it here.

Did you write a 10-page epic on how to play Offlane Drow Ranger? Or is the Jungle the only lane that matters? Tell us in the comments!

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