The Defense group stage concludes

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The chasing pack for the [B]€6.000[/B] grand prize of The Defense - brought to you by by Razer and BenQ - has just been cut from 24 teams, following the end of the initial group stages. 16 hungry teams still remain, but for some it is now do-or-die as pack gets split between an Upper and Lower Bracket. Let's see which teams have made the cut...

[B]Group A[/B]

Arguably no surprises as to who placed in the top three here, with eu mousesports, ua Darer and us Evil Geniuses all advancing. They are followed by de We haz Asian - one of the teams that found their place in the tournament through the open qualifier - who just pipped se Team Infused to the fourth spot by way of a superior time rating. The Swedes exit the tournament along with ru zNation, who crashed out without a single victory to their name.

[B]Group B[/B]

us Complexity Gaming lead the way to the next round here with a perfect 5-0, followed closely by the juggernauts of ru Moscow Five. Following them is the German mix in de uebelst, who some might say did well indeed to finish ahead of au Absolute Legends, who advance nevertheless in fourth place. In the end, the top four of this group faced no threat of failure due to their time rantings; there were no ties to break here, as se 4 Friends + Chrillee and us Hydra are knocked out with dismal records.

[B]Group C[/B]

The two undoubted favourites for this group - the powerhouses that are the DreamHack finalists of eu mTw and ua Na'Vi - advanced in the top slots as expected, followed by cz Storm Games Clan and ru Team Empire. Exiting the competition are eu FnaticRC, and perhaps surprisingly, kz, who were unable to replicate the blistering form that almost took them to The International.

[B]Group D[/B]

us Quantic Gaming took the top spot here uncontested, with a perfect run of five victories. Behind them were se Counter Logic Gaming, who for many will have been the favourite to take the group. Another American team, the unsponsored us POTM Bottom, notched up another achievement to go with their recent successes, as they go through to the knockout brackets with the best time rating in a three-way tie. by Power Rangers also advance by the same virtue, which unfortunately meant that eu HelloMoto, the third team in the three-way tie, take their leave from the competition, aslong with eu Copenhagen Wolves, who could only muster a solitary win.

Group Stage - Final Standings

Group A

#NameW-LTime1 Mousesports 4-1-090:222 Darer Entertainment 4-1-115:183 Evil Geniuses 3-2-054:524 We haz Asian 2-3+034:375 Team Infused 2-3+029:186 zNation 0-5+204:08

Group B

#NameW-LTime1 compLexity Gaming 5-0-192:342 Moscow Five 4-1-090:593 uebelst-gamynG 3-2-048:284 Absolute Legends 2-3-021:395 4 Friends + Chrillee1-4+154:206 Hydra 0-5+199:04

Group C

#NameW-LTime1 mTw 4-1-130:572 Natus Vincere 4-1-157:463 Storm Games Clan 3-2-032:544 Team Empire 2-3+017:345 Fnatic RC 1-4+166:156 1-4+136:48

Group D

#NameW-LTime1 Quantic Gaming 5-0-194:262 Counter Logic Gaming3-2-052:073 POTM bottom 2-3+050:214 Power Rangers 2-3+033:345 HelloMoto 2-3+028:596 Copenhagen Wolves 1-4+133:40

Knockout Brackets

The knockout stage gets underway next week Monday, so don't forget to tune in then to catch our resident commentator au Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson bringing you the beginning of final phase of the competition, live on his stream.

Alternatively, you can purchase a ticket to watch The Defense live in your Dota 2 client. The choice is yours!