Save your spot at Dota-Lan Winter in January, Germany's biggest LAN party

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The Winter Dota-Lan in Germany is set to be a great start for the new year. The summer event ended up being completely sold out, and with just under a month to go, time is ticking for those that wish to enter the Nordhessenhalle in Volkmarsen. The Lan is open to everyone, so if you're near Germany why not have a fun sleigh ride with some mates into some awesome DotA-action.

"Dota-Lan has been THE gathering of the German Dota community for six years now. Having been there multiple times myself, I can recommend anyone from nearby (that includes neighbor countries) to come, be it for the competition or just for fun," said Dennis "HolyMaster" Schumacher, one of the organisers for the event. The prize pool for the event gets up to 2,100€ in cash as well as some hardware for non-DotA events.

Dota-Lan is making sure that the Lan is inclusive and accessible to all skill levels with a Lan-Single-Instant-Game System (Lan-Challenger) that grants every player a rating and that adjusts according to you winning or losing the game. If you need a break from feeding, you can play various board games. Yes, even Mafia will be played with a high level of frequency.

There are 246 seats left with 165 people interested in them, so if you're in Germany or live nearby why not pop down to meet some fellow Dota fans?

Sign up for WINTER DOTA-LAN here!!

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